Battery Power Drills

For tradies and home handymen alike, one of the most common power tools is surely the power drill. Rather than be restricted by a power cord, battery-powered drills give you the freedom to work where you want. Models of electric drill come with a vast range of different features and power ranges, so it's important to find the right power tool for you. They also often come as part of power drill sets that feature multiple tools to meet various needs.

What Types of Batteries Are Used in Electric Drills?

Since the battery is such an important component of battery-powered drills, it makes sense to know the trade-offs for different batteries, namely:

  • Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries: The traditional option for power tools, NiCd batteries are easier to replace thanks to their affordability.
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: A more recent invention, lithium-ion batteries are lighter, longer lasting and charge quicker.

What Are the Controls of a Power Drill?

As with any power tool, it is important that the operator have as much control as they can over their battery-powered drill so that they're most effective. Controls include:

  • Different Modes: Some models of power drill have different modes suitable for different situations. For instance, a drive mode for screws and bolts, a drill mode for drilling wood and a hammer mode for drilling tougher substances, like concrete.
  • Torque Control: Besides different modes, most electric drills feature a clutch that allows the user to adjust the torque of the drill as needed. Different power drills have different degrees of settings, with some having as many as 21 settings or more.

What Are Some Other Features of Cordless Power Drills?

There are a number of additional features that can be available with electric drills to assist in drilling, including:

  • Magnetic tray: Rather than trying to juggle screws and drill bits while working, certain power drills feature a magnetic tray that is able to conveniently hold these pieces in place while you work.
  • LED Lights: Drilling can take place in all sorts of environments and spaces. LED lights embedded in the battery-powered drills are able to illuminate dim work areas for safe and effective work.
  • Ergonomic Grip: Like many power tools, cordless drills may need to be used for lengthy periods of time. Electric drills featuring ergonomic grips and handles are designed to be more comfortable for their operators.