These Baxter boots from eBay were meant for walkin' 

Leather that looks as good as it feels and performs; more than 150 years of experience; a proud Australian heritage! It's no wonder Baxter men's boots have managed to carve out such a strong foothold in the Aussie footwear market. eBay's collection of Baxter leather boots includes tough terrain tacklers suitable for those putting in a hard day's work as well as more fashionable options for those getting ready to head out for the day or night. 

The man behind the boots 

Those who have gotten a kick out of owning a trusty pair of Baxter boots have a man named Henry Baxter to thank. Baxter, who grew up spending much of his time in the Australian bush, was a highly skilled shooter and horse rider, winning a number of awards for his skills. 

After an apprenticeship at Teece's boot factory, Baxter started the brand that bears his name and has become beloved by thousands today. While the work environments in which the company's signature elastic-sided boots have changed, the need and love for them has not. Some things just never go out of style. 

eBay's range of sizes and styles provides outstanding options for different wearers with different needs. And with an array of shoe cleaners, conditioners and polishes just a few clicks away, you can get the goods you need to preserve the look and life of your Baxter boots even longer. Whether you're putting in the hard yards at work or just looking for a comfortable, fashionable pair of boots to keep in lockstep with your lifestyle, check out eBay's lineup of these awesome Aussie offerings today.