Bed Canopies and Netting

Bed canopies and netting add fun decorative touches to any bedroom. Full-coverage netting also keeps insects away. Some hang from a single point from the ceiling, while others are specific to four-poster beds. Whether you are looking for something decorative or functional, there is a wide selection of bed canopies and netting to choose from.

Modern Bed Canopies and Netting

Modern bed canopies and netting typically feature synthetic materials that are somewhat stretchy. This means they easily fit around beds of all shapes and sizes. They feature sheer material, and most of them are functional as well as decorative. The majority of modern bed canopies have fairly simplistic designs with minimal decorative accents. They come in an array of colours, but most of them have soft pastel shades.

Antique-Style Bed Netting and Canopies

Antique-style bed netting and canopies are more decorative than those with modern styles. Many feature lace accents or embroidered patterns. The most common shades are beige and bronze, but there are some more colourful antique-style canopies available as well. If you are looking for something highly decorative, choose an antique-style bed canopy with multiple layers of ruffles. While most are sheer, there are also some thicker varieties that block out light.

Art Deco-Style Bed Netting and Canopies

Art deco bed netting and canopies feature many of the colours and patterns that are emblematic of the style. This includes bold geometric shapes with strong lines and eye-catching hues. Most are polyester materials, but you can also find satin and even velvet varieties. Some art deco-style canopies feature thick fabric that reminds you of tents.

Novelty Bed Canopies and Netting

Novelty bed canopies and netting offer playful and colourful looks. Many feature bold prints of animals or popular characters. They come in sheer and opaque varieties, so you can decide if you want them to block out light. This style is a popular choice for children's rooms, but the canopies are also available in adult bed sizes.