Bed Pillows

One of the most crucial components when it comes to getting a good night of sleep, aside from cosy bed sheets, is finding the right pillow. Bed pillows provide necessary neck, head, and back support, ensuring the best night of sleep possible and minimising pain or discomfort. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of pillow types to suit every different body.

Get Your Fill

As you shop for pillows, you'll notice some variations between pillow types. The most important distinction between pillows it the fill material, which means what goes inside the pillow to make it comfortable. Memory foam bed pillows use a high-tech material that conforms to your specific body shape, creating a custom fit, while 100 percent cotton pillows come equipped with natural, breathable cotton fibres inside. Other options include down pillows, filled with soft, fluffy feathers, or bamboo pillows, which are an environmentally friendly alternative other materials, and work well for allergy sufferers.

Sleep On It

Pillows don't come one-size-fits-all. There are pillows for every person and situation, including oversized maternity pillows to make pregnancy a bit more bearable, or large body pillows that can alleviate back pain. Bolster pillows look like a roll, and add back support to existing pillows. If you have specific back issues, opt for a special orthopedic pillow for extra support.

The Size Of It

Pillow size generally depends on the size of your bed. A twin or full bed uses standard-sized pillows, which are the traditional pillow size. A larger bed, such as a king or queen, feels more comfortable with bigger pillows. If you require a pillow for taking on an airplane or for long car trips, a smaller travel pillow fits the bill.

Bedtime Brands

Choosing a brand largely depends on your budget and the type of pillow you desire. Inexpensive brands like IKEA offer quality pillows at lower costs, while brands like Tempur-Pedic and Badenia have an array of options to pick from.