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How to Choose the Right Home Brew System

Home brewing your favourite alcohol can be a fun hobby that can also help you save money. Before purchasing any equipment though, be sure to check your local laws to get an understanding of what you're legally allowed to brew at home. Then it's simply a matter of checking out what's available, how each system works, and how easy it is to use. Luckily, eBay makes that super easy, with a wide range of home brewing systems to compare side-by-side, such as the Turbo 500 still.

The Turbo 500 Still

The Turbo 500 is a still that is excellent for high quality home brewing, allowing you to distil very pure alcohol in reasonably large quantities. Distilling alcohol to purities above 90%, the Turbo 500 can provide a great way to build up an alcoholic base, which can then be mixed and blended to create something more palatable.

Relatively easy to use, these stills utilise a fermentation process that takes between three and ten days. As a guide, 6kg of sugar should allow you to produce around eight litres of 40% alcohol for each 25 litre wash. This wash is made with sugar and yeast, with the fermentation time varying depending on the type of yeast is used. Once it is ready, the mixture will need to be diluted with water to reduce the alcohol content.

Opting for an Air Still

Air stills tend to be the simplest type of still to use, but they have much lower capacities than the Turbo 500 still. Many of them have a four-litre capacity and can take between seven and ten days to ferment. Once the batch is completed, an air still normally produces alcohol that is around 60% pure, so it needs to be diluted back down to 40% to drink. These stills can be a good choice for brewing beginners who want to start small, to then move on to a home brew keg system for something more challenging.

Home to a vast range of home brewing equipment, eBay is the place to search for home brew systems such as the Turbo 500 still, as well as other essentials like collectable home brew kegs. Start shopping to start brewing!

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