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Beginner violins

The violin is one of the hardest instruments to master, so for those about to start the journey, beginner violins will put you on the right track to becoming a concert violinist. Brands of popular violins for beginners include Knilling, Cremona, Cecilio and Mendini. A beginner instrument consists of a bow, chin rest, fingerboard and rosin. Popular woods for beginner violins include spruce, maple and mahogany. The choice of wood may affect the overall look and potentially the sound of your instrument.

Take time to research the different woods, so you know what to expect from your student violin.

Classical violin

A beginner classical instrument has a slender neck and a much higher tension on the bowstring. The chin rest on a quality violin is designed so the violin is not dropped when a position is changed into and it also helps the user to hold the neck much more comfortably. A good rosin and bowstring are required in order to achieve the best, musical sound with a beginner violin.

One of the most important string instruments in an orchestra, the violin is capable of producing a range of tones and melodies, it's no wonder that the orchestra leader is always a violinist, leading the way with his bow.

Electric violin

An electric violin does not have F holes, producing sound by using pickups to amplify the vibrations on the string. They can even be distorted to achieve a different sound. Various accessories can also be used in order to delay the sound of the violin or add reverb.

This is normally done in the form of a pedal, however, it can also be done via the amplification. A violin outfit comes with the bag and a basic selection of accessories, however, it is possible to find more upgraded accessories on eBay. B

You may be a beginner now, but with the right student violin, a good set of strings and plenty of practice, you'll be playing all the greats in no time.

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