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Bell Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, Australia is well known for having had some of the toughest laws and standards in the world. To add to the confusion for casual riders, updates to the laws allowed for the use of European as well as Australian standards. Thus, riders wearing Bell full-face motorcycle helmets that meet the European standard are now welcome on Australian roads.

Helmet Types

The two main types of Bell helmets you will see on the open road are full face and Bell open-face motorcycle helmets. Open-face proponents tout the experience of riding in the open air, along with the idea that the increased visibility and situational awareness they provide offset the lesser protection by reducing the chance of an accident.

Full Face

The classic Bell full-face helmet starts where the open face leaves off. In addition to the back of the head and skull protection, it also offers protection across the lower front of the face. Wind protection is handled by Bell motorcycle visors, which not only block the worst of the Sun, but also keep your eyes clear of high-speed winds. Most full-face helmets offer the option of multiple different visors so you can get one with the right level of tint for your riding habits.

Why Full Face?

It's not just that you look like a faceless robot from a science fiction movie. A disproportionate number of accidents end up with your chin hitting the asphalt, and that's where full-face helmets really come into their own. The chin guard absorbs the impact so that your skin doesn't have to.

Back to the Argument

The argument for open-face helmets over full-face helmets is specious at best. No matter how much more situational awareness an open-face helmet offers, the fact remains that you cannot predict accidents. You can't tell when you might need the greater protection so it's not worth the risk of foregoing it.

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