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Benro Carbon Fiber Tripods and Monopods

Benro Carbon Fibre Tripods and Monopods

Benro is a trusted name amongst photographers and videographers, producing an impressive range of monopods and tripods for all settings. Select from Benro carbon fibre ball head camera tripods and monopods or Benro universal carbon fibre camera tripods and monopods with a whole host of features designed specifically for particular shooting conditions.

Adventure Carbon Fibre Monopod

Combining 8x carbon fibre with quick flip leg locks, the Adventure carbon fibre monopod is ideal for those who want an easy-to-use monopod to throw into their camera bag. It stretches to 158.5 centimetres and boasts a maximum load weight of 16 kilogrammes with a range of advanced features and controls for every style of adventure photography.

Benro Travel Angel

One of Benros most advanced compact travel tripods is the Travel Angel, which combines 9x carbon fibre with magnesium castings and twist locks for the best performance possible. One of the tripod legs can be converted into a monopod if required, and it boasts a maximum load weight of 10 kilogrammes while only weighing in at 1.21 kilogrammes itself.

Benro GoPlus Travel

Offering the compact size of travel carbon fibre tripods with a versatile central column are the GoPlus Travel Benro tripods. They are manufactured from carbon tubing with machined aluminium and magnesium alloy components with reverse folding legs that wrap around the central column. They are ideal for low-level macro photography when you need that extra stability and can be extended to 154 centimetres when height is required.

Mach 9x Carbon Fibre Monopod

At the top of the range of Benro monopods is the Mach 9x carbon fibre, which combines a classic design with highly advanced materials. The 9x carbon fibre tubes and high-performance twist locks are both lightweight and weather-resistant, making them ideal for landscape photographers wanting that extra stability while out in all kinds of conditions and remote settings.