Berenguer & Berjusa Dolls

Berenguer and Berjusa Dolls

Little kids and doll collectors of any age love Berenguer and Berjusa dolls. The full range is the result of the skill and inspiration of a Spanish artisan family, a tradition passing from father to son. Dolls have been marked under the family name, Berenguer, since the 1940s and as Berjusa. Their company, JC Toys, has produced and distributed the full range of quality dolls since the early 90s. Berenguer and Berjusa ranges include dolls for kids to play with that are practical and durable and will stand up to the love and attention paid to them by a toddler or young child during play, along with collectors editions for older doll enthusiasts looking for something special to add to their collections.

Uniqueness of Berenguer Berjusa Dolls

What makes Berenguer Berjusa dolls so unique are their incredibly lifelike and realistic appearances. The dolls have amazing attention to detail in terms of skin tones and facial expressions. They capture and present beautifully all of those baby features that make us go ooh and ahh: adorable wrinkles, skin crevices, chubby cheeks, innocent eyes and open smiles. Theyre also inclusive of the diversity of humanity. Making up the range are dolls of various ethnicities including Asian, African, Hispanic, and Caucasian and the anatomies of both boy and girl gendered dolls have representation.

Newborn Berenguer Berjusa Dolls

Dolls in the Newborn or la Newborn range are 9.5 inches (the mini), 13 inches, 15 inches or 17 inches. These little babies are all vinyl with movable heads, arms and legs. The various facial expressions in the newborn range are typical of babies new to the world: sleeping, crying and chuckling or giggling.

Play Berenguer Berjusa Dolls

The Play Doll range is perfect for toddlers and young children to play with and adopt into the family for many years to come. This range includes designs called la Baby, Lots to Cuddle, Lots to Love and Your First Doll. They have cuddly and soft bodies that will twist at the waist and with movable legs, arms and heads. Cloth Berenguer and Berjusa dolls bodies are best for those who like to sleep with their dolls in bed. All Vinyl Berenguer and Berjusa dolls are washable and can go in the bath.

Berenguer Boutique Dolls

Berenguer Boutique dolls are for the collector to appreciate the fine detail and quality artisanship that goes into these little gems. Limited edition collectables, individually numbered and signed by Salvador Berenguer, release periodically for the specialist market.

Berenguer Doll Clothing and Accessories

You can find all the accessories any child would want to play with their baby Berenguer dolls. There are different sets of dress up clothes for daytime and bedtime, onesies, hats, bonnets, booties and mittens. For the full experience of playing mum, you will find a specially designed bathtub, and accessory backpack with bottle, rattle, sippy cup and dummies/pacifiers.