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Bicycle Alarm

Keep your bicycle safe from theft with a bike alarm or combination bicycle alarms that are easy and convenient to install. They come with a whole range of different features including digital code locks, remote controls and even Bluetooth-enabled mobile notifications.

Vibration Sensors

Most bicycle locks utilise vibration sensors for detection, meaning that when your bike is being moved by someone with bad intentions, it will instantly trigger an alarm to let you or passersby know. Some allow you to set the level of sensitivity, whether it be low, middle or high, so you can determine just how much movement needs to take place before an alarm is sounded and avoid false alarms in places prone to strong winds.

Ease of Use

Bicycle alarms are easy to install and use, with some being activated by the simple push of a button after your park your bike, and others via a remote control or a four-digit code. You can also find other bike accessories, such as key bicycle alarms that secure your bike with a padlock and key and will trigger an alarm if someone tampers with them.

Convenient Clip Mounts

Most bicycle alarms come with a convenient clip mount that can easily be installed on your bicycle handlebar. However, this also means that they can be used to alarm other belongings, including motorbikes, boats and even caravans.

Bluetooth-Enabled Bicycle Alarms

If you want to catch your thief unaware, look for new Bluetooth-enabled bicycle alarms that send a notification to your mobile phone the instant somebody moves your bike. This allows you to run out and catch the thief in the act, rather than having him run at the sound of an alarm. These bicycle alarms fit to the underside of your bike seat with a zip-tie and have an internal motion sensor that detects when the bike is being jostled.

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