Bicycle Ceiling Mounts

Bicycle Ceiling Mounts

Bicycles can be tricky to store with an awkward shape that takes up space and a tendency to fall or roll over. Bicycle ceiling mounts are an effective means of lifting your bicycle off the floor to store in your garage or workshop, opening up the floor space for other items. A bicycle storage hook or hoist is specifically designed to be durable and strong, ensuring your bike is stored safely in the best of hands.

Bicycle Ceiling Mounts

If youve got a high ceiling that isnt being put to good use, consider investing in a ceiling mount for your bicycle storage. They use a simple rope and pulley system to hoist your bicycle up toward the ceiling, and then locks it in place. They are an effective means of storing your bike securely out of the way when not in use, and they are easy to access when you want to head out for a ride.

Durable Components

Ceiling-mounted bicycle lifts are made from durable components for the safety and security of your bicycle, while being easy to assemble and fit to a variety of different machine sizes. The hooks are usually designed with a rubber coating to protect your bicycle from scratches, while robust engineering enables them to lift bikes up to around 30 kilogrammes in weight.

Bicycle Wall Hooks

Simple bicycle hooks can be mounted on the wall and are designed so that the weight of your bike holds it in place. Bicycle wall mounts are a cost-effective way of getting your bike out of the way when its not in use and are ideal for areas where wall space is available.

Other Item Storage

In addition to bicycle storage, ceiling mounts can be used to get other clutter and debris off your garage or workshop floor. Anything that can be securely lifted using the hook design can be efficiently and effectively lifted onto the ceiling to free up floor space, and then fixed using the safe locking mechanism to prevent accidental release.