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Secure your bike with a bicycle U-lock

Bicycle U-locks are one of the most popular types of locks available to protect your bike from being stolen. The strong U-shape design is typically made from hard, strong metals to make for a truly secure lock that can fit around almost any part of your bike. They are a sturdy user-friendly alternative to locking cables. Take care of your beloved bike.

Seriously strong bike locks

U-locks have been used since the 1970's, with Kryptonite first developing this design. They have become recognised as one of the best locks available due to their strengths in security, practicality, and price. These bike locks have been preventing bike theft for decades.

Unlike typical bike cable locks, U-locks are sturdier, heavier, and less flexible to ensure that even the strongest bolt cutters would struggle to cut through.

U-locks are a difficult size to carry without any preparation as opposed to the traditional cable lock, however, if you carry them in your bag or on a mount than it becomes easy. The U-lock can easily fit around your wheel to keep it secure and keep any thieves away with the use of either a key or combination style of lock.

For instance, 16mm thick U-locks are typically thick enough to avoid seeing your lock ever being broken. The material these bike locks are made from range from steel to iron to keep your bike secure as possible. The U-lock will ensure you don't fall victim to theft, no matter where you lock up your bike.

So, whether you are commuting to and from work on your bicycle, plan on going hiking with your bike for the weekend, or just need a lock for when you pop to the shops, you can find a range of sturdy U-locks to help so you don't need to be on guard all the time.

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