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Bicycle Wall Mounts

Without a proper garage, storing your bicycle safe and sound might prove to be a headache. If you are worried about locking your bike outside but do not have ample of walking space in your hallway to be a viable option, try a bicycle wall mount. It is a safe and room-saving option that makes the most of empty wall space. Some wall racks are rather decorative, so you can transform your bicycle into some kind of modern art, hanging there on the wall. For people with a garage, frees up important work and storage space.

Permanent and Non-Permanent Solutions

Not everyone can opt for a permanent bike storage option. If you rent your living space, the landlord might not be very happy if you attach a permanent solution to the wall or if you invest in a ceiling bicycle mount. Non-permanent options are also suitable if you do not want to drill holes into the walls or lack the necessary tools for doing so. Wall-leaning racks get support from a vertical surface without damaging it. These are easy to install and look nice, but they are not compatible with slippery floors. Other non-permanent options to consider are bicycle floor stands that need no support whatsoever, or ceiling-to-floor racks that clamp between the floor and the ceiling.

Vertical Wall Racks

Vertical wall racks hold the bike by a single wheel. This method does not take up much space and is thus a great solution if the width is a problem, allowing you to store multiple bikes at once. However, it does require a certain amount of depth. Pick the hook based on the tyre size, bearing in mind that fat bike tyres require bigger hooks.

Horizontal Wall Racks

Horizontal wall racks are the suitable option when depth is an issue, but the width is not, as they take up lots of wall space. These mounts hold the bike by the top tube. Adjustable hooks are compatible with many bike models, and you can specify their size. Basic options are foldable hangers that bolt to the wall. Some expensive hangers also look visually appealing and could double as a bookshelf or even a birdhouse.

Security Issues

The bicycle wall mount might not necessarily be inside your house or apartment. If you keep it in a more public area, you need to consider attaching locks for enhanced security. Some permanent bike racks have dedicated slots where you can put a cable or D-lock. If security is an issue, choose a rack that allows you to install a lock, and definitely choose a sturdy lock.

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