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Let the world know who big bro is with big brother T-shirts from eBay

Expecting a new arrival? Big brother T-shirts are a great piece of boys' clothing that are super cute, are a great idea for a pregnancy reveal, and at the same time they’re a great way to show off the love between brothers, or brother and sister.

Becoming a big brother is a pretty big deal. It means sharing toys and attention with another little human. So, when your little man is part of your pregnancy announcement to the world, it gives him a chance to get excited about the idea of having a baby sibling and taking on his new role as a big brother! He can take centre stage for the announcement, and then look adorable on the day when he’s decked out in his cute big bro shirt.


There are so my many different text designs of big brother shirts are available in all sizes to suit the bigger big brothers to onesies for the littlest, which means there’s sure to be one to suit your little guy.

Versions of the big brother announcement vary from the more basic styles of "big brother" or"big bro", or specific ones like "big brother… again", and the funny ideas like "only child expired - promoted to big brother","big mister with a little sister", or "every hero needs a sidekick". There are even sets for both or all the kids in your family, with "big brother, little brother/sister" or"biggest kid, middle kid, littlest kid".

Designs available with his favourite cartoon characters, or maybe just the Batman symbol, as well as prints of his favourite things like dinosaurs, trucks, animals, or spaceships. For the more fashion-conscious big brother, there are also t-shirts available from big brand names l in a range of styles and in his favourite colour.

Whether you are looking for a cheeky announcement tee or maybe a fun gift to help your little guy celebrate the start of his new life as a big brother, you can choose from the most diverse range available from eBay. Make your big boy feel proud of his new status, and ready for responsibility with his new big brother t-shirt today!

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