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Billabong Surfing Wetsuits

Billabong is one of the most famous surfing brands in the world. Its wetsuits are renowned for their high-quality materials and snug fitting. Suits for both summer and winter can be found, as well as those made for adults, and others that are made for young surfers, taking to the waves for the first time.


Thickness is arguably the most important thing to consider when buying a Billabong surfing wetsuit, other than size. Depending on the season and weather, you are going to need wetsuits specially made for the temperature. For example, if you are going surfing in warmer weather, spring suit wetsuits are ideal for staying cool since they have the legs and/or arms cut off. Of course, for the colder months, a steamer wetsuit is the right choice since it covers your entire body and has a thickness between 2mm and 9mm.


Generally, when buying wetsuits, they abide by the same rules as normal clothes. For most people, wetsuit sizing is based on their height and chest size. Women can also base their wetsuits on their dress size. The wetsuit must always be close-fitting, otherwise the insulating features will not be put to use.

Zip Entry

Another very important thing to consider before purchasing your Billabong surfing wetsuit is where the zip entry is located. Wetsuits with the traditional back entry are easier to slip into and zip up before going surfing. However, although more difficult to get into, the front-entry wetsuits will keep you warmer in cold conditions due to a better sealing mechanism.


Wetsuits with a titanium lining can help to add extra insulation to the inside of the suit, however, they are often much more expensive to buy. There are also heated wetsuits available, which are perfect for keeping you warm during the cold weather months, but again, they are more expensive than regular Billabong surfing wetsuits.