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Bin Liner Household Rubbish Bins

Bin Liners

Line your office wastebaskets and home dustbins with bin liners to consolidate and contain all sorts of rubbish for easy removal. Not only does this keep your environment spic and span, but it also reduces unpleasant odours as well as promotes a high level of hygiene.


Bin liners are usually made from types of material that do not come apart easily to help contain the rubbish. The most common material is high-density resin for regular rubbish from homes and offices, while the low-density resin is suitable for sharp objects and heavy rubbish. It easily withstands wear and tear, sometimes even with rubbish at maximum capacity as it stretches to accommodate. Eco-friendly liners are made from recycled plastic or cornstarch to help reduce plastic waste, while offering the same level of durability and tear-resistance as plastic.


Bin liners are designed to fit a variety of bin shapes and sizes, including those that are oddly shaped. Therefore, the open, square-shaped bins need square-shaped liners, while liners for a high-capacity kitchen bin that requires frequent emptying of food waste are shaped and sized differently. The smaller-sized, yet more hygienic, hands-free pedal bin in your bathroom has its own liners, and so do the twin bins and the pull-out bins.


For the environmentally-conscious, compostable and biodegradable liners that degrade safely and naturally are an easy choice as they dont fill up landfills, while scented liners keep the bad smell contained. Look for a drawstring closure to secure the rubbish easily as it also makes for easy carrying when disposing of it.

Clear or Coloured

Most bin liners come in a solid colour, such as black or green, as it conceals the rubbish eyesore. However, clear-coloured liners that you can see through offer quick and easy identification of the rubbish without needing to open the liners, such as with medical or laboratory waste or just to check on the amount of rubbish in the bin.

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