Binocular Tripod Adapters

Binocular Tripod Adapters

Plan on watching wildlife or bird spotting for long hours? Take the weight off your arms with a binocular tripod adapter that can easily be connected to the steady support of binocular tripods and monopods. Its a great addition to your wildlife-viewing equipment, such as binocular harnesses, cases and other accessories.

Why Use a Binocular Tripod Adapter?

In addition to reducing the strain on your arms during extended lengths of time using your binoculars, tripod adapters can also help to reduce the small hand jitter effects of holding your binoculars. Get a more stable and clearer image no matter what you are viewing and capture those small details that you may otherwise miss.

What to Look For

Standard threading on the base of the binocular tripod adapter means it will fit into almost any regular tripod or even car window mounts. Some tripod adapters are specifically made for use with certain binoculars—like porro prism and roof prism binoculars—or threaded sockets, so check the specifications before purchase to make sure they align with your model.

Durable Metal

Most binocular tripod adapters are made out of durable metal that is lightweight and portable, ensuring it wont add unnecessary weight to your equipment bag. Just throw it in next time you are heading out in the bush or to a sporting event where you want an enhanced optical experience that is hands-free.

Binocular Harnesses

If you want easy access to binoculars without having to fumble around in your bag every time you spot something, consider purchasing a binocular harness. It allows you to have your binoculars within easy access at all times, while still keeping your hands free to take photos or carry other gear. You can find binocular harnesses in low-profile and full-size options, offering a durable and reliable storage solution for your expensive optics.