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Useful for a wide variety of applications, binoculars inherently allow you to see from great distances with crystal clarity. While general purpose binoculars and telescopes may work for an array of situations, there are also more specialised options for bird watcting and other hobbies. Made with different features as well as magnification strengths, there are many factors to consider when buying binoculars and monoculars.

Two vs. One

You've heard the term binoculars many times, but what is a monocular? The word "mono" in itself means "one," so in essence, instead of two eyepieces, a monocular only has one. Monoculars look similar to very small telescopes, and they actually work like telescopes as well, but at a lower power than a traditional-sized option. They work well for smaller applications, like birdwatching or stargazing, while binoculars are better suited for longer-range activities.

Apply Yourself

Binoculars have many functions, and one of the most popular uses includes hunting binoculars and monoculars. Meant for viewing long-range images, hunting binoculars hone in on animals and offer precise viewing, along with other outdoor benefits such as scratch-resistance. Other uses for binoculars include marine applications, watching a play or opera, or of course, looking at birds and wildlife. There are special sets for every use, making it easy to shop for the exact type you require.

Binocular Benefits

Binoculars are high-tech instruments, and with all the features they offer, it's easy to see why. Some features to look for include HD viewing as well as water and fog-resistance for rainy days out on the range. A lightweight design makes the pair portable, and eyecups with a long relief means you can use them alongside glasses or sunglasses. Zoom lenses make images more detailed in seconds, and night vision technology means you don't miss anything once the sun goes down.

Brand New World

There are some well-known brands to pick from when it comes to shopping for binoculars and monoculars. Bushnell binoculars offers pairs perfect for everything from golf to viewing wildlife, as well as military applications, while Nikon offers its technology to affordable binoculars packed with powerful features. Leica and Zeiss are high-end brands for serious sight improvement, and when you want to check out the night sky, check into Celestron models.