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Bird Weed & Pest Control

Choosing the right bird netting for you

Does your garden, crops, pond, or property have a pest problem? On eBay youll find a range of high-quality bird netting to fit every need.

Whether you want to protect your residence or commercial property, anti bird netting is a great place to start. Many residences and commercial areas suffer from pests that cause damage, mess, or destroy plants and crops. Whilebird cagesserve to keep birds in, bird netting is guaranteed to keep birds out. Bird netting will keep birds away from the areas that are important to you, from gardens to ponds to the rubbish bins at your commercial building. Youll find a large selection to choose from, so its important to get to know the different anti bird netting options available to you.

One of the most important aspects to anti bird netting is the mesh size. Bird netting with a smaller mesh size will protect your property from smaller birds such as sparrows, where a larger mesh size will keep away larger birds such as gulls or crows. If you have all kinds and sizes of birds bothering you, its best to opt for a small mesh size to keep out all birds.

You can also find bird netting in different colours, and most commonly in black and white. This decision will likely be a matter of personal preference. You should take into account the color of the property youre seeking to protect, and choose a colour that will blend with the surrounds.

Anti bird netting also comes in a range of materials. While youll find that each material will be sturdy and effective, some materials are more suited to large commercial needs. Bird netting made from polypropylene are perfect for heavy-duty needs and outdoor use. You can also find UV-stabilised nylon, which is great for areas that see a lot of sun.

Though birds can be pests in our gardens or vineyards, some might be interested in keeping birds such as chickens in an aviary. After youve installed your bird netting to keep any pests away, you can use aviaries such asAbsco aviary bird cagesto keep your birds on your property.

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