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BlackVue is Australia's most trusted name in car video cameras, and it's easy to see why. All of their cameras deliver excellent performance in terms of bit rate, ISL values, sensor types, HDR/WDR technology and frame rates, which promises a superior performance all round. 

Most makes of dash cams still only record at 720HD resolution, which is too low to pick up details like number plates, especially when driving at night. Incorporating Sony sensor technology, most BlackVue cameras record at 1080HD, which gives superior resolution, enough to provide evidence in a crash situation. 

BlackVue were the first company to introduce WiFi and smartphone applications so you actually use your phone directly. No need for any extra equipment, which is great if you find the camera too distracting while you're driving. 

The BlackVue DR900S 2 channel recorder is probably the best on the market. With its 8 megapixel CM0S sensor, it captures images up to 4000 pixels, almost four times as much image quality as the average camera. it's that extra peace of mind that makes BlackVue cameras one of the best-selling car cameras on the market. 

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With such a great range, you're sure to find the right car video camera for you on eBay.