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Blackhead Removal Tools and Control

Blackheads are one of those unfortunate parts of life and these clogged pores in the skin can easily become something huge if you do not take care of it. There is a range of blackhead removal tools that you can use to control the spread of these blemishes. By using a specified blackhead removal tool you're ensuring a safe and hygienic treatment that will reduce the risk of infection and scarring, and keep your skin looking clean.

What Does A Blackhead Extractor Tool Do?

Blackheads occur when hair follicles or pores clog with oil and debris, and they can become unsightly and need removing. The most effective way to remove debris from these open pores is by using a blackhead extractor tool, and these come in different styles.

  • Lancet: The lancet makes a hole in the blackhead and the other end removes the debris and dirt.
  • Fine loop: This style of blackhead remover uses applied pressure from a fine metal loop to extract the blackhead without irritating the pore.
  • Spoon extractor: These feature two different size spoons with a hole in the middle of each that applies to the top of the blackout to remove it.

What Are the Other Options For Blackhead Treatment?

If you don't want to use a blackhead extractor on one that is already there, the other popular choice is to use a blackhead mask or facial treatment. These may offer a more gentle approach than the tool for those with sensitive skin:

  • Blackhead mask: Blackhead removal masks go on the face and once set, they will harden to remove dirt and debris clogging the pores.
  • Blackhead treatment: A range of skin washes and cleansers are available that target clogged pores.

How to Safely Use Blackhead Removal Tools

Whichever style of blackhead removal tool or treatment you use, you need to do it carefully and hygienically. Here are some ways to get best use out of your tools:

  • Sterilise the instrument: Wipe with alcohol or other antiseptic to clean before use.
  • Cleanse your face: Always start by washing and cleansing your face with warm water and then repeating once you've finished using the tool.
  • Clean the tool: Once you're done removing blackheads, thoroughly wash the tool and ensure it's clean.
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