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Skin and Blackhead Masks

You're about to head out on a date or to a job interview when you take a close look in the mirror and notice unsightly blackheads on your face. We've all been there at some point. Taking regular care of your skin to avoid the appearance of blackheads is something that everyone should be doing otherwise you might find yourself in the situation of worrying if everyone around you is concentrating on those black spots on your face. Blackhead masks are a great way of deep cleansing your skin to unclog your pores and remove dirt while also removing blackheads and acne and are less harmful to your skin than blackhead remover tools.

Mask Ingredients

Many different ingredients go into the concoctions for blackhead masks. Some of the more popular main ingredients include charcoal, mud and aloe vera.

Frequency of Use

How often you should use a blackhead mask will all depend on the manufacturers' guidelines and the level of cleansing that your face needs. Some brands say that once a twice a week is recommended but be sure to read the full instructions on the mask pack before commencing.

Effective use

Before using a skin mask or peel, it is a good idea to clean your skin first with a regular face wash then apply a hot towel to your face for a few minutes in order to open the pores up. You should then apply the mask or peel with your fingers and spread generously around. Not applying enough product can make it difficult to remove later and decrease the effectiveness. Some masks will harden so that you can peel them off, while others you will need to remove with a washcloth and water.

Blackhead Strips for Nose

As many people only get blackheads on their nose rather than their whole face, you can find blackhead removal strips for nose only. You can apply these strips over the nose, wait for them to dry then pull off in a quick swoop. When you pull the nose strip off, it will also bring the blackheads with it. This method can be very effective but can be painful to pull the strip off, so some bravery is needed.

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