Can't stand the winter chill? Keep warm during the cooler weather by having more blanketsin your home.

Why Wool?

Woollen blankets are made from the natural fibers of sheep, goats, alpacas and even camels. These natural fibers have been used as a source of warmth for a long time because of their incredible effectiveness. When looking for blankets, it's important to think about how you will be using the woollen blanket as different wool has different properties. For example, if you're using a wool blanket under yourquilt coveryou may choose thickness over softness. If you are using a woollen blanket as a throw you will be wanting a soft and comfortable weave.

Wool from sheep is the most common and the easiest to find. The two types you will most likely come across are lambswool and Merino wool. Lambswool comes from sheep less than eight months old and is fluffy to touch. Merino wool is the softest wool available and is highly sought after. Mohair is wool sourced from Angora goats and can be mat-like in texture but is very warm. Alpaca and camel wool is similar to Mohair.

Natural Properties

When buying a wool product such as a blanket, it's important to remember that you're are purchasing a product that is made from a natural fiber. Depending on the type of wool you select, the blanket may require dry-cleaning and have some natural shrinkage.

New Or Used?

At eBay, there is a huge range of new and used wool blankets available. Used blankets can offer just as much warmth as a new blanket, at a lower price. Used blankets may have some wear and tear so ask the seller to provide details and photos before you purchase.

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