How to Start Collecting Blue Willow China Dinnerware on Ebay

Blue Willow plates are classic. They were old fashioned when your grandparents were children and are as beautiful now as they were 200 years ago. Blue Willow dishes were front row for both the creation of international myth and family dinner stories. Many people share the joys of collecting Blue Willow china from eBay.

Is it authentic Blue Willow china?

Blue and white is a frequent china colour pairing because cobalt blue can take the highest firing temperatures. Many beautiful designs were produced, but the Blue Willow stands out as the most used china pattern of all time. Each maker’s Blue Willow will be slightly different, such as plumper birds or trees with more branches. In order to qualify as a genuine Blue Willow pattern, the designs must include all the following: willow trees, Chinese pine trees, a bridge with three men, fence, boat, teahouse, and two birds.

Antique and vintage Blue Willow difference

Antique Blue Willow china is at least 100 years old. Vintage must be 20 years old. Contemporary china has been made in the last 20 years. If you cannot afford the antique you want, many potters make reproductions of favorite old patterns. You can find all of these searching Blue Willow china value on eBay.

Is Blue Willow worth money?

Some of it, yes. Blue Willow started as a transferware; designs were transferred rather than hand-painted. It began life as an affordable option and became the prime working-class dinnerware. Around the world, 500 different makers have been documented. Prices can soar for English-made china, produced between 1780-1820. New Blue Willow dinnerware is extremely affordable at eBay.

How can I tell old Blue Willow dishes from new ones?

Some plates are stamped with a manufacturer’s mark, date, or country of origin. However, many Blue Willow dishes are unmarked. Experienced collectors can tell by the weight, glazing, and other qualities of china. If you are purchasing an expensive piece, it is good to get advice from someone who knows whether the piece is an original when you purchase eBay Willow ware.

Where do I start collecting?
  • 1) Start with what you will use – Dinner settings or teacups are a great way to enjoy Blue Willow every day.
  • 2) Start with what you love – Reasonably priced Blue Willow dinnerware has been around so long that you can find all sorts of interesting pieces. You can get toothpick holders, tall cocoa mugs, and wooden utensils with china handles. Select a fun piece or two and expand from there.
  • 3) Start with what you can afford – A special plate hung on the wall of a kitchen can bring a sense of history to a room. A serving tray just like your grandmother had can bring about fond memories. If these pieces cost a bit more than new ones, that price may be worth it.