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Bluetooth FM Transmitters

Sometimes listening to the radio just doesn't cut it. When out and about in the car, driving songs make the experience that much more enjoyable, especially when driving long distances or battling the daily commute. Unfortunately though, the radio doesn't always play the driving songs drivers want to hear. The solution? To listen to music on an MP3 player or smartphone. All the best driving songs, at the press of a button.

However, while some cars offer built-in connections that allow for easy linking between an external audio source and the car's speakers, many cars don't. Luckily, there are still ways to connect a smartphone or MP3 player to a car stereo system without a built-in system in place. One of the cheapest options - that also happens to be easy to use - is the Bluetooth FM transmitter.

Using a smartphone as the audio source, this handy little gadget uses the phone's Bluetooth capabilities to connect to the car's stereo using an FM band. This means no expensive installation to worry about, no messy wires to get in the way, just an easy connection between the phone and the stereo. Play the best driving songs, play audio books, or learn a little something by listening to podcasts.

Buying Bluetooth FM Transmitters

Affordable and easy to use, the Bluetooth FM transmitter can be the perfect option for drivers who want to listen to audio from their phone, in their car. Home to a great range of audio accessories, eBay is the place to find essentials such as the Bluetooth car kit and hands-free calling kit , portable audio headphones and Bluetooth FM transmitters. Check out the various new and used options on offer to find the transmitter with the best functionality and features, in a colour and style that matches the car.

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