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Blythe Dolls

Blythe Dolls

The large-eyed design of Blythe dolls makes them unique in the world of dolls. These fashion dolls have expressive faces and a range of interesting dresses and outfits to wear. Each Blythe doll has a different skin tone and haircut, so why not amass a collection? Some will have long, silvery locks and others bright coloured bobs.

Their cute and slightly melancholy faces set them apart from other dolls and their quirky dresses and accessories emphasise this difference. Show the love to the little girl or boy in your life with a highly desirable Blythe doll, all of which sell for a reasonable price.

Their iconic large eyes are inspired by the Big Eye paintings by Margaret Keane and can change colour with the pull of a string, making them fun toys with an extra element of customisability. You can truly tailor your doll to suit your personality.

These modern dolls have multiple joints allowing for a certain amount of freedom as far as posing is concerned. There is an impressive range of clothing pieces and accessories available for your chosen Blythe doll, with dozens of different shoes alone. Other pieces include quirky and pretty dresses, stylish hats, trousers, skirts and thick rimmed glasses.

In short, a Blythe doll is the edgy hipster of the doll world and this can be taken a step further with a Neo-Blythe doll. These are rarer, limited edition dolls, often wearing vintage inspired clothing, though even within this range there is a lot of variation. You are truly spoilt for choice with this range of dolls.

A Blythe doll will make a great gift for the little girl with bags of character in your life. The range of clothes, expressive faces and wide colour changing eyes set them apart from other dolls meaning theyll be cherished for years.