Board Shorts for Women

Women’s Board Shorts

There was a time when bikini bottoms were the only option for women, but now designers are expanding their designs to include board shorts for women. Board shorts come in various designs, such as long board shorts, short board shorts and unconventional designs that are constructed for function rather than form.

Wearing Board Shorts

As the name suggests, board shorts are usually worn when using surf boards. Nowadays, they can be used in almost any water sport. Wakeboarders favour board shorts as well. Since a lot of women are getting into both sports, it is safe to say that there is indeed a market for women’s board shorts. Otherwise, board shorts can be used for styling purposes. Pair it with a nice piece of women’s swimwear to complete a beach outfit.

Materials Used

Board shorts are mostly made out of nylon or polyester. Nylon board shorts are ideal for intense water sports like surfing, wakeboarding or skimboarding. The reason is that these water sports take a toll on swimwear – sometimes even damaging clasps, ties, and worst, leaving the wearer’s body. Nylon board shorts are made to withstand the pressure of the waves and the current. On the other hand, they are also ideal for relaxing water activities like snorkelling and freediving, to name a few. Microfibre board shorts, however, are ideal for both activities.

Board Short Design

Women’s board shorts are not designed with a focus on aesthetics alone. Some designers create board shorts to accommodate the female form, so the shorts fit well and perform efficiently when competing in water sports. Others focus on creating designs that appeal to females, with colours ranging from pink, purple, turquoise and more.

Choosing A Design

When deciding on which board shorts are ideal for you, consider where you will use them and how you want them to look on you. Longer board shorts provide a little more protection for your legs and shorter ones allow for more movement.