Body Chain Jewellery

Body Chain Jewellery

Slightly different than body piercing jewellery, body chain jewellery doesn’t typically require you to have any type of piercings (unelss you’re connecting a chain from the ear to another part of the body). Instead, chain jewellery typically provides coverage over a certain area by way of elegant, draping chains. Popular types of chains include belly chains and thigh chains, and some wearers do use chain jewellery to connect their piercings. There are several different options when it comes to chain jewellery, some with fine metals and fine stones.

Belly Chains

A belly chain doesn’t quite cover the stomach like a piece of clothing; instead, it rests on the hips and mimics the look of a low belt. This belly chain may connect to another chain that resembles a bikini top, for an all-over mesh look, or it may stand on its own. They could be complemented with an ensemble, such as a tube top and skirt or other type of summer clothing.

Thigh Chains

Thigh chains are another type of popular chain. Typically worn with short shorts or short skirts, these chains rest on the upper thigh, and may have anywhere from two to ten strands connecting. Leg chains don’t always have another chain to connect to, but they can connect to a belly chain for a complete look. It is possible to have a necklace that hangs low and connects to both a belly chain and leg chain.

Chains That Connect

A unique way to wear body jewellery is to connect chains to multiple piercings. For example, you can dangle a chain from the ear to the nose, or from one ear to another ear, such as behind the head. Chains can also be used to connect more intimate piercings, a well. A healed belly button ring can also easily be made part of a belly chain. To connect chains like this, you’ll need formal body piercings.

Jewellery and Stone Options

There are many types of options when it comes to chain body jewellery. You can opt for finer metals, such as white gold or yellow gold (solid or plated) or for sterling silver. Stones can also be mixed in with the chains, and chains can easily have rubies, diamonds or other precious stones. Choose from either fine or fashion jewellery options when choosing your chains.