Why you should sleep with a bolster pillow

Almost every type of sleeper can benefit from a bolster pillow. It is impossible to acquire all the support your body needs when sleeping with just a regular pillow beneath your head. No matter how good that pillow or even your mattress may be, your hips, neck and back will still need further support. But don’t worry, a bolster pillow, sometimes known as a cylinder pillow, can provide that support.

What is a bolster pillow or cylinder pillow?

A bolster pillow is a long, cylindrical pillow often filled with down, cotton or other fibres. They can be used in multiple ways, including:

  • Knee support and spinal alignment for back sleepers
  • Hip support and spinal alignment for side sleepers
  • Neck support

What are the benefits of using a bolster pillow or cylinder pillow?

Bolster pillows offer orthopaedic benefits like correcting spinal alignment during sleep and relieving pressure points. Sleeping with a bolster pillow can also relieve pain, relax muscles and help to correct a sleeper’s posture. In general, any person can benefit from the added comfort provided by a bolster pillow.

How to style your bed with a bolster or cylinder pillow

Bolster pillows are as beautiful as they are practical. Their long, cylindrical shape contrasts well with the other rectangular and square shaped pillows you might have on your bed. To best leverage this aesthetic appeal, you can do the following:

  • Choose a bolster pillow or use a bolster pillow case in a contrasting colour or pattern to your regular pillows.
  • Arrange your pillows in a way that highlights the unusual bolster shape, for example by placing your bolster pillows at the front.

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