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VE bonnets and much more

The Holden Commodore is part of Australia’s automotive history, having been one of Australia’s most popular vehicles between 1978 – 2020. Since it’s been around for so long, there are plenty of old ones out in the marketplace, and many that might need a bit of exterior work. For replacement Commodore bonnets, you can’t go past eBay.


There’s a huge range available and you don’t need to call around all your local wreckers to find what you need. With VE bonnets, and bonnets and bonnet accessories to suit almost every model of Holden Commodore, you can get everything you need in one place.


Add some protection

When you buy a bonnet for your Commodore, it makes sense to look after it. You can get a range of bonnet protectors on eBay to suit all types of vehicles. Especially when restoring old vehicles, you’ve got a great opportunity to add extra protection to various parts of the car, ensuring your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Consider bonnet protectors, rear bumper guards and even door scrape pads to keep your vehicle looking great.


Other exterior parts for your Commodore

Whether you need a new VE Commodore grille, or any other VE Commodore body parts, you’ll find them here on eBay. There’s almost nothing that you can’t find, and when it comes to the exterior, you really need to find the right match. Some parts are universal, of course, or made to suit a range of Commodore models. But ideally, you want to match as closely to the original as possible. Here are just some of the exterior parts you can find for Holden Commodores:


  • Bonnet struts
  • Weathershields
  • Bonnet protectors
  • Side skirts


There are so many different parts to choose from, and these are just a few of the popular ones. When purchasing, make sure you read the item description carefully because you want to ensure the part will fit your car.


In addition, you can find a variety of old and new items. Some bonnets are brand-new, while others have been refurbished. Some may be slightly damaged too, but this is where you can find a bargain if you know how to fix them up for a restoration.