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Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees

Exercise your green fingers by taking up the hobby of growing Bonsai trees. The mini trees are easy to grow and maintain, once you master the basics.

The beginners guide to Bonsai

Basic Bonsai starter kits offer a cracking introduction to the art of Bonsai. The kit contains everything you need to plant, nurture and grow your own miniature tree. Get going with a Bonsai starter plant and plant pot, stainless steel shears, soil, aggregate, drainage mesh, wire, and a repotting/detangling tool. A starter guide is also included.

Micro Bonsai trees, that are the size of a soda can, are available in a selection of different species. Flowering small-leafed Japanese Kyote Serissa plants are the ideal step up from Bonsai beginner level. The indoor plant is hard to over water and easy to care for.

Mid size Bonsai trees include Jade, Japanese Maple, Japanese Elm, Jacaranda, Star Jasmine and Juniper. The trees are supplied root over rock or planted in rectangular ceramic planters or pots.

Bonsai fruit trees are miniature versions of full size trees. Popular varieties include olive, dwarf apple and apricot. Remove the seeds for germinating purposes.

Once you have mastered caring for Bonsai trees, you will want to grow your own tree. Genuine rare seeds for colourful conifer Bonsai trees are typically supplied in packs of 10, 20 or 100 pcs.

Essential tools for keen Bonsai hobbyists

Mini tree leaf cutters keep your Bonsai trees in tip-top condition. Regular trimming maintains the neat and tidy appearance that the art of Bonsai dictates. The stainless steel scissors make easy work of clipping excess foliage.

Finishing moss adds a touch of lush green colour to any Bonsai display. The carpet moss is supplied in 100 mm pots.

The art of Bonsai

Artificial dry Bonsai trees are decoratively used for art displays. The compact conifers can be used in the same way as other dried plants and flowers, and are available in different sizes. You might be able to pass your special creation onto the next generation, as Bonsai trees can live for years.

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