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Bont Cycling Shoes

All cyclists know the importance of having reliable shoes that are going to last the distance when you’re out on your bike for hours on end. Bont cycling shoes are exceptional footwear that will complement any cyclist no matter if you are into road cycling, triathlon, track cycling or mountain biking. Bont uses only the latest technology and development for cycling shoes with a range of models, colours and designs.

Foam Padding

Bont shoes use a closed cell memory foam, and this material does not absorb water when it rains, if you go through a puddle, or if you have sweaty feet. This feature is highly beneficial, as wet shoes can become heavy and uncomfortable.

Resin Development

Bont is the only shoe maker that develops their own resin. Their resin is extremely stiff but is able to be mouldable at a low temperature of 60 degrees while setting quickly.

Heat Moulding

When you purchase cycling shoes and they don’t fit you perfectly when you take them out of the box, it is a good idea to heat mould them so you can get them to a snug fit. It's easier to manipulate this resin at a low temperature, so it is easy to complete this process yourself at home using your oven. After preheating the oven to 70 degrees, you place the shoes inside for 15-20 minutes. Let the shoes cool a little before putting your feet inside and tightening the straps. You then wait for the shoes to cool back to the regular temperature and can press out any parts that cause discomfort. After completing this process, your shoes will be much more comfortable for your feet.

Custom Made Shoes

The founder of Bont started making custom design shoes back in the 1970s when he struggled to find shoes for his wide feet. Today he is making around 200 pairs of custom shoes per week and continues to be the number 1 custom shoe maker in the world. If your feet are a little out of normal shoes sizes, too wide or oddly shaped, you may be able to find a used pair of custom made shoes, which will fit you well over the standard designs.

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