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Bookshelf Speakers and Subwoofers

When you only have a limited amount of space but still want superior sound, bookshelf speakers and subwoofers are a great choice. Whether you’re hooking them up to a full stereo, a television and media centre or a CD player, these little speakers and subwoofers can provide optimal sound. With many different brands and types available, you’re sure to find one that fits your space and allows you hours of entertainment.

Wired Options

There are many options when it comes to wired bookshelf speakers and subwoofers, from vintage to brand new. These types of speakers wire right into the back of an amplifier, stereo or television and you may need different wire setups, depending on the type of speakers and system you have. Regardless, these remain the most popular option and are very easy to set up.

Wireless Options

There are also many wireless and Bluetooth bookshelf speaker and subwoofer options available. Depending on your make and system, you can either connect these speakers wirelessly through your router connection at home or you can use a Bluetooth connection. Either way, these speakers offer a lot of versatility when it comes to placement, allowing you to place speakers virtually anywhere.


Smaller size doesn’t always mean less quality sound, but computer bookshelf speakers will not perform as robustly as bigger bookshelf speakers. However, if you hook your computer speakers up to a bass boost or subwoofer, you may get comparable sound. Larger speakers definitely do not equal superior sound when it comes to bookshelf speakers. It depends more on the cones and domes, and also what type of sound you’re looking for. Generally speaking, mid-size speakers are a great choice. For media centres, the addition of a sound bar can help greatly.


Bookshelf and computer speakers are manufactured by all of your favourite and familiar brands. Choose from familiar choices such as Bose, Pioneer, Dayton, Audioengine, Klipsch and M-Audio.

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