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Protect your crops with a boom spray

A well known and commonly used piece of equipment for spraying crops, weeds and fields is the boom sprayer. Spray booms come in a variety of sizes and you can find a selection of components such as mounting kits, boomless nozzles and pumps at affordable prices. They are used for agricultural and chemical use and provide a high pressured spot spray, which is useful for spraying fields.

There is also a variety of larger sprayer equipment options which are specifically designed for Aussie conditions and offer large and folding booms to cover a wider surface area. Different booms and sprayers will have different ranges and you can usually find a range of different sizes for the tank, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs.

Boom spray pumps

The pump is one of the most important components for providing the boom sprayer with an effective and pressurised spray. There is a wide selection of pumps available to replace or upgrade your existing boom spray pump and the varying levels of power can offer the same or improved application of the product. There are many pumps specifically for farming and agriculture sprays.

Boom spray components

Aside from the pump, there are several other components that you may need to replace or upgrade to an existing boom sprayer. There is a selection of handy items including 3-point linkage or hitches for easy attachment to your farming equipment and boom spray tips and spray nozzles to achieve effective sprayer capabilities. These components are generally easy to fit when repairing your boom sprayer.

Portable sprayers and weed killers

For smaller jobs and residential areas, portable boom sprayers are an ideal option. They still include a relatively large tank so you can complete the job in one, but include a handheld sprayer for precise application. These style of boom sprayers are typically used for applying weed killer but can be mounted to quad bikes and mowers for larger areas. The selection of weed sprayers offers an easy way to take care of any jobs.

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