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Bosch Power Tool Batteries and Chargers

The Bosch brand was created in 1886, and their products can be found in over 150 different countries worldwide. The company is committed to technical development, but without losing sight of the practical needs of the consumer.

Interchangeable Parts

Choosing a single quality brand makes the most sense, as you can then mix and match your accessories with different tools. Choosing a single brand like Bosch means you can have a smaller number of batteries that are interchangeable between tools, saving you time and money. Bosch have a ‘power for all’ system where batteries are completely interchangeable between tools with the same voltage requirements.


Bosch batteries benefit from years of experience and innovation. Rechargeable batteries like the ones made by Bosch normally come in two types, NiMH or Lithium Ion. NiMH (Nickel-metal Hydride) are tricky to charge accurately and get less power per weight, but are generally cheaper to buy. Bosch lithium-ion batteries tend to charge faster and have longer life spans than other types of batteries. They are able to hold a charge for longer, even when not in use, and put out more power for their weight which is particularly helpful if you have to hold tools for a long time when working. Lithium-ion is almost always the better choice, but if you’re on a budget, any Bosch battery will give you superior performance to other brands.


Choosing tools is a very personal decision that will depend on your own preferences. Each tool will have a slightly different grip, weight, balance and other features that will affect comfort and usability, especially when being used over long periods of time. Bosch power tools benefit from more than a century of dedicated research, which has resulted in practical improvements that have real-world benefits. A single example is reduced kickback, which allows the user to have a high powered tool with less chance that the user will have to fight kickback.


The Bosch Power For All system means that a single Bosch 12V battery charger will work on any 12V battery, which can be used in any tool that requires 12V. If you are using lithium-ion batteries, another advantage is that they have no ‘memory effect,’ meaning you can charge them whenever necessary. A Bosch lithium-ion battery charger can be left on the bench, ready to charge whenever you’ve finished working.

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