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Bose Home Theatre Systems

Bose Home Theatre Systems

Known for quality sound and accessories, Bose home theatre systems allow you to create your dream viewing experience right in your home. With components including surround-sound speakers, soundbars and subwoofers, youll feel like youre inside your favourite films, making movie night even more exciting.    

What components make up the Bose home theatre systems?

Bose home cinema systems are comprised of several core products, like television speakers, soundbars, subwoofers and surround-sound speakers as well as a central unit that may or may not include a DVD player, though you can easily connect your existing components. Additionally, there are specific systems for audiophiles who desire a stellar music system as well as a home-theatre device.   

How many channels should you get?

When selecting a Bose surround-sound system, youll notice that you can select channel types. These include 2-channel options, 2.1-channel systems and 5.1-channel systems. The difference lies in how many pieces youre using to achieve sound. Two-channel home Bose systems may only come with one or two parts, such as a soundbar and a speaker, while a 5.1-system comes with multiple components, including subwoofers and numerous speakers that create a more immersive listening experience.   

Bose prides itself not only on superior sound quality, but on thoughtful construction of its speakers and equipment. The pieces are small and slim, fitting effortlessly into your space, and features like built-in Bluetooth, a universal remote and easy setup are just a few noteworthy benefits of Bose systems. Other perks of home theatres include adjustable bass, numerous inputs for your peripherals and speakers that offer 360-degree sound.    

Can you go completely wireless with Bose equipment?

With the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, its possible to build a wireless Bose home theatre. Some components to consider if youre looking for a wire-free experience include the Acoustimass bass module, SoundTouch soundbar and Lifestyle 600 home theatre or the Lifestyle 650 home theatre, amongst multiple wireless offerings the brand features.   

What factors should you consider when choosing equipment?

If youre not well-versed in the world of electronics, purchasing Bose home-theatre equipment may be overwhelming; however, there are several simple factors to keep in mind as you shop. Consider your available space, since smaller spaces dont require as many components to fill the room with sound, while a medium-to-large space may necessitate more pieces, such as subwoofers or additional speakers.