Bratz Dolls

Combining fashion and fun with Bratz dolls

Bratz dolls are perfect for kids with a passion for fashion. Featuring oversized heads with styled hair and stunning makeup, you cant help but fall in love with this unique take on a traditional Barbie doll. Whether you want to expand your Bratz collection or give one as a special gift to a loved one, youll find the perfect Bratz doll right here on eBay.

Bratz dolls

If your child loves Barbie, theyll adore the original four Bratz dolls that include Yasmin, Cloe, Jade and Sasha. Since their successful launch in 2001, MGM Entertainment has added new dolls to the collection which include the fashionable Raya. Each doll has her own unique fashion style and personality, represented by her clothes, hair, makeup, and accessories.

Accessories for your Bratz dolls

Continue to build your Bratz dolls wardrobe with new clothes, accessories, and shoes. If youre feeling futuristic, go for the Bratz hoverboard so your doll can travel in style. With so many Bratz accessories and trendy items to choose from, you can switch up your Bratz look and stay on top of the latest trends.


There are many collections of Bratz dolls. From the original four girls to Bratz Boys and Bratz Babyz, you can easily expand your Bratz family and introduce new faces such as Cameron and Dylana. The Bratz Babyz collection includes a cute pet for your Bratz doll that you can bond with and care for.

Interactive and battery-operated Bratz dolls

Make your Bratz doll come to life with battery-operated accessories and special edition purchases. The Sleepover Spa and Hair Studio Doll Playset comes with a real working sink so you can give your Barbie doll a complete makeover in a relaxing and modern-day spa. Play with mini instruments with the Moxie Girlz doll collection and transform your Bratz doll into a real-life pop star.