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Most people love to have a drink now and then, but there’s a time and a place for that. But how can you really make sure if you, your friends, or your employees are safe to drive and operate heavy machinery? Well, one way to make sure you won’t get in trouble if the police makes you take a breathalyser is to just administer one yourself before setting off.

Different Ways to Test

There are a lot of different devices that will let you test your BAC (blood alcohol content), from chunky handheld devices to small, pocket-sized ones that plug into your smartphone. They might not reflect the exact levels the police will see on theirs, but you’ll get a pretty good idea of whether someone’s good to go or not. If your result comes back as just under the limit or if you’re otherwise unsure if you’re able to drive, don’t! Your personal test results can’t be used to dispute any official outcome.

Different Brands

There are a number of brands, such as Andatech breathalysers, as well as Alcosense, BACtrack, and others. Virtually all of these are handheld breathalysers and some are even keychain breathalysers. The latter are often the sort that plug into your mobile phone, and they’re especially handy to carry with you to parties and functions to check on yourself and your friends.

Better Safe than Sorry

You might think you’re good to drive, but the thing about alcohol is that it not only impairs your ability to drive, but also your assessment of your ability to drive. The truth is that blood alcohol level is influenced by a lot of factors, and not just the amount of drinks you’ve had that evening. It’s also how fast you drink, how much you weigh, how much you’ve been eating, and more. On the other hand, using the breathalyser too soon after consuming alcohol will skew the result up as the alcohol in your mouth and stomach affects the test.

Workplace Safety

If you’re in charge of your workplace’s health and safety, you might be called on to check employees for their blood alcohol content. In these cases, having a breathalyser on hand will give you a definitive yay or nay on whether it’s safe for someone to work. They mouthpieces are easy to replace, and you can easily carry one around to administer tests at the start of the day or randomly. Most importantly, just knowing you have one on hand will deter employees from partaking when they should be working.

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