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Bundaberg Rum, Spirits, and Liqueurs

Bundaberg is the most popular rum manufacturer in Australia. They produce several lines of rum, spirits, and liqueurs in their distillery, including a master distiller's collection, old aged range, royal liqueur, and flavour infused varieties, among others. They cater to both the rum enthusiast community by producing aged and vintage barrel varieties, and the general community by producing rum in flavoured and unflavoured options.


Bundaberg is an Australian rum, spirits, and liqueurs company, with its first bottles dating back to 1888. Over the course of their history, Bundaberg has created rums and rum-based liqueurs that appeal to people all over the world. They manufactured one of the first mixed drinks, rum and coke, and have used various methods to ensure that their rum is of great quality, including taste testing and scientific trials.

Bundaberg Rum

Bundaberg rum comes in many varieties. The classic range includes standard aged and flavoured rums and is less expensive than their old-aged range. The classic range also includes spiced and extra-smooth varieties. The master distillers' collection includes rum that they produced in small batches and aged in vintage barrels. The old-aged range includes rum that has been aged for a longer than average period of time. Bundaberg 11 to 20 year old spirits and liquors are more valuable than Bundaberg 6 to 10 year old spirits and liqueurs, and are usually a darker colour, as they have had more time to pick up the qualities of the barrel.

Bundaberg Spirits and Liqueurs

Bundaberg's royal liqueur and flavour infused rums come in popular flavours, such as coffee and chocolate, banana and toffee, vanilla spiced, and salted caramel. Liqueurs and spirits differ from liquors in that they are flavoured and have added oils, extracts, natural flavours, and sweeteners. They are not necessarily less potent than their liquor counterparts, as spirits and liquors vary greatly in their alcohol levels. Rum spirits and liqueurs are often best for use in mixed drink recipes.


In addition to rum and coke, Bundaberg rum also released a Dark and Stormy mixed drink, combining their rum with ginger beer. Rum is an excellent mixer, as it is very versatile. The Hello Yellow drink is citrus-y, sweet, and salty, as it combines royal liqueur vanilla spiced and black 12 year-old rum with passionfruit pulp, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and salt. The Royal is creamy and sweet, with a kick. It combines Bundaberg royal liqueur vanilla spiced with ice and cream, and you garnish it with a toasted marshmallow.

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