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Bunk Bed Bedroom Furniture for Children

There are few things more fun than sleeping in a bunk bed, especially for kids. Whether you wish to save space when siblings share a room, or your child loves having sleepovers, bunk beds are a fun and functional option. Bunk bed bedroom furniture for children isn't limited to just sleeping space; however, bunk bed furniture offers several options that can provide more than just one use. Consider the furniture your child needs before purchasing bunk beds, and maximise the space you have

Bunk Beds

The most basic type of bunk bed furniture are the bunk beds themselves. These come in three types. Standard bunk beds generally offer two twin-sized beds atop each other, with a ladder so kids can easily access the top bunk. Another bunk bed option to consider is the type with a full-sized bed on the bottom and a single bed on top. This bunk bed accommodates even more sleepers, with a larger bed that can work well for older kids who need more space. As with regular bunk beds, there's a ladder or stairs to enable the top sleeper to reach his or her destination. For even more room, select MDF chipboard children's bedroom furniture with a trundle bed underneath the bottom bunk that pulls out when you need it.


A loft bunk bed typically only has one bed up top, with an open space underneath. You can use this space for additional furniture, such as a chair, or to store toys and other items. For single sleepers, this is a good option since it doesn't take up as much room as traditional bunk beds and leaves a spot to store other items, or provide a cosy reading nook underneath the bed. A good option for a small room, loft beds save space and allow room for other items, or in some cases, come with shelves or even an attached dresser.


A bunk bed that's a loft may do double duty as a desk for kids. Some options have an attached desk underneath the bed that puts two pieces of furniture into one spot, saving room in your child's bedroom for other things. Typically made of metal, wood or other materials, particle board children's bedroom furniture offers a variety of features. A built-in desk underneath along with storage compartments or drawers makes bunk bed furniture convenient and handy. Some pieces have additional accents, such as a dresser on one side, making furniture even more multi-functional.


Opt for a complete workstation that's much more than just a bunk bed. Featuring a single-bed loft design, workstation bunk bed furniture offers an L-shaped desk underneath that offers plenty of room for a computer and other necessities, while some options also feature space for a television, small couch or futon, and chairs to create a small living or gaming space for kids. A ladder along the side lets kids access the bunk on top, and some workstations have shelves underneath or on the sides for added storage. These beds come in many sizes and shapes to fit the specific area you desire.

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