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Burberry is a brand recognised globally for its quintessential English heritage of quality craftsmanship and design. Its trademark tartan plaid is one of the most iconic symbols in fashion along with the infamous Burberry trench coat. If you’re looking to add some classic Burberry style to your wardrobe, start shopping on eBay today and find yourself a bargain. 

Founded in 1856, Burberry soon became popular for their water-resistant trench coats made of gabardine. The cotton breathable cloth was invented by Thomas Burberry, its microscopic open spaced allowed ventilation whilst its compact structure prevented wind and rain from being absorbed. The original Burberry trench coat was created to protect the military from wind and rain during the First World War, hence where it’s named derived from. Although it was designed for officers, the Burberry trench soon gained popularity amongst the elite including film stars, models, and royalty. Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s Burberry coats and jackets, there’s plenty to choose from on eBay. 

The trench is still a classic symbol of Britishness today along with the iconic tartan plaid. Burberry marries its traditional craftsmanship with modern day designs in its ready-to-wear collections, showcasing tailored silhouettes and sophisticated designs both in menswear and womenswear, whilst bags and shoes are given a unique twist with the Burberry tartan making an appearance. 

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