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Bvlgari Jasmin Noir

When it comes to perfumes there is nothing like having a signature scent. The Bvlgari Jasmin Noir is an exceptional perfume that you can recognise immediately.

Beautifully composed of jasmine, floral and woody tones you really feel immersed in nature. This scent has been composed in three various tones that enable a gorgeous complexity. With a baseline of dark precious woods, you get a depth that slide over to a masculine scent. The mid notes sing through of sambac jasmine and almond aromas, emphasizing the jasmine scent and further highlights the wood, nutty notes of the perfume. Finally, with the top notes of gardenia flowers and green plants, the floral scents really punch through to tie it all together and finish on feminine touch.

First release in September 2008 it became a favourite and very quickly a signature scent for a variety of women. Made for women 25-40years of age, a striking combination of masculine and feminine tones that captivate your scenes. The jasmine noir is such a potent perfume that less is more. Only one or two sprays and you are set for the whole day. Available in various sizes and even gorgeous box sets you can trial this perfume, fall in love with it and even restock your supplies if you have run out!

The beautiful packaging of this luminous fragrance is stored in a glass spray bottle that embodies the Bvlgari branding of black, gold and white. With such gorgeous packaging you will want to take care when travelling with this perfume by storing it in a Bvlgari bag. Unfortunately, sometimes if you don’t take care you can accidentally break or even loose the spray top of your perfume bottle. If this does happen you can get an empty perfume bottle so you can still enjoy the Bvlgari Jasmin Noir. Incredibly addictive this flora, sweet, nutty jasmine fragrance is a winner and embodies both masculine and feminine notes to make it different.