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CAT Men's Boots

Caterpillar Mens Boots

Caterpillar footwear, also known as CAT Workwear, is designed and made for Earthmovers, the men and women who wear CAT boots, shoes and sandals. CAT Workwear wants people to feel confident when wearing their shoes and to know that the shoes are durable and comfortable. The Caterpillar safety shoes encompass premium materials and technologies like their EASE comfort cushioning and Gore-Tex Surround waterproof breathability.

What are examples of types of CAT work boots available for men?

There is a range of Caterpillar footwear available for men. One of the popular boots they have is the Holton St Boot. This honey-coloured boot is designed for tough conditions. The outer sole withstands temperatures of up to 300 degrees celsius and is one of the top durable boots on the market. The inner soles are perfect for those who are more flat-footed. These Caterpillar steel-toe boots are designed for anyone who works in the heavy duty industrial sector. Another boot is the Propane St Boot. It is a light industrial boot that is comfortable and suitable for all foot types. The exterior of the shoe is resistant to oil, heat and water. This Caterpillar work boot also has a steel toe and is slip resistant. The Convex St Mid Boot is a more of a sneaker-style boot in the way it looks. It has zips on the side and a breathable mesh panel that is designed to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. The Convex slip resistant technology keeps the shoes planted firmly on the ground and the shoe itself is very light.

What are all the types of CAT work boots available for men?

  • Holton St Boot
  • Propane St Boot
  • Argon C/T Oxford
  • Argon Hi St Boot
  • Argon Zip St Boot
  • Brakeman Zip St Boot
  • Convex St Mid Boot

Caterpillar accessories

Caterpillar has a number of accessories available for men, as well. These accessories are designed to support and protect the wearer whether they are at work or out on the weekend. They have caps and beanies to shield you from the sun or keep your head warm, work belts and dress belts and durable, extra cushioned socks.