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CCTV Cable

CCTV Cables

If you have a home CCTV system, it is a smart idea to have extra CCTV cables and other camera accessories on hand. Having extras means that you will be prepared in the event that a camera goes down or a cable breaks. Whether you use your CCTV system in your home or in your business, keeping your system operational helps to keep whats important to you safe.

CCTV Cable Kits

Although most CCTV systems come with a length of cable for each camera, these cables may not be long enough to reach from your cameras to the hub or monitor, and this is when a cable extension kit can be a tremendous help. These kits come with coax cables and coax connectors, and some even include splitters. Be sure to consider the length that your cables need to cover when choosing a CCTV cable kit, as the lengths of the cables do vary, and you want to make sure that you have enough cable to run from camera to hub.

Blending In

To help your CCTV cables blend in with their surroundings, cables come in assorted colours, with the most popular being white and black, though other colours are available as well. Cables can be as short or as long as you need them to be, and you can choose from lengths that include five metres, 30 metres and even 100 metres. Remember that the fewer connections you use, the better your picture quality may be.

Wired CCTV Security Systems

After you have chosen your wired CCTV system, you want to be sure that you can effectively cover what is valuable to you. The safety of your home or business is important to your peace of mind, and having all the right accessories makes a difference. Home security cameras can be placed just about anywhere and many can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Having these options in a security system makes for a more effective and reliable system.

Other Cables

When it comes to cables, you may find that you need more than just coax cables. To that end, there are also connectors that join two or more cables, in addition to splitters. Splitters allow you to power multiple cameras with a single adapter. These are particularly useful when you have multiple cameras grouped together to get multiple angles, with splitters usually ranging from two to eight channels.

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