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CD Audio Books in Spanish

Whether you are looking to experience reading in Spanish in a new way, or immerse yourself in the language for the purpose of learning something new, CD audio books in Spanish are an excellent solution. Learning a new language isn’t always easy, and sometimes it just seems as though there isn’t enough time. With audio books, you can learn wherever you go: the train, a plane, a car or anywhere. Fluent Spanish speakers will enjoy listening to captivation stories while keeping language skills sharp, and native speakers will appreciate not having to process a translation.

Visually Impaired Readers

Spanish audio book CDs are not just for learners and those who have full vision; they are excellent for the visually impaired reader. Being unable to see is no reason to miss out on a good book. Sometimes there is not a Braille version available, or perhaps you’re still learning how to read Braille. If you can hear, you can listen to a book and experience the plot, the characters, learn new information or promote self-growth.


Many people who are trying to learn Spanish will benefit from Spanish audio book CDs. Auditory learners will find that this method helps with retaining vocabulary and proper usage. The ease of accessibility also helps because you can practice and listen to lessons on the go. If you’re the type of learner who likes to dive in, you can listen to books in any genre to help with pronunciation, retention and becoming more familiar with the sounds of Spanish words and patterns of speech.


Look for fiction and literature CD audio books in Spanish or non-ficiton, religious texts or new age. There is something in every genre. With audio books, you can learn a new skill, become more knowledgeable about a topic or learn how to navigate learning a new language. If you’re not sure where to start, browse best seller lists and see what gets your attention.


Even children can get into CD audio books in Spanish. The earlier we introduce children to a new language and reading, the more likely they will pick up on the language and develop a love of learning. Older children and adults alike will appreciate being able to download MP3 Spanish audio books to a mobile device for even greater accessibility.

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