CD and Video racks

Some people collect stamps; other people collect Coca Cola bottles. If you have a mounting CD or DVD collection and you have outgrown your humble rack or cupboard, you have two options: you can either stop buying CDs and DVDs (not very likely!) or you can invest in a larger storage rack.

DVD storage is an excellent and cost-effective way to keep track of all your favourite movie titles, television series and documentaries. It will also keep them safe from scratches and from accidentally being stepped on. Create a clutter-free environment for your home when you opt for a DVD storage unit, box or cabinet.

How to organise your DVDs

It's not enough to have a DVD rack – you will need to organise it to keep it tidy and accessible for when the mood to watch a movie strikes.

By genre: This could be a bit tricky to start with, but it will be worth it in the end when you want to watch a movie according to the theme.

By alphabetical order: This is by far the most efficient way to organise your DVDs, but it will also take up a lot of your time. The only problem you'll have with this one is whether movie titles starting with ‘The' belong in the 'T' section or whether they should be filed under the preceding word in the title.

By colour: Turn your DVDs to the side and you will notice that there are different fonts and background colours. Sort them out by the colour, starting from the darkest to the lightest. The result? A colourful DVD rack in no particular order but won't it look pretty!

By numbers: Create an electronic list of every DVD you have, and label each of them with a number on the spine, starting at one. It won't matter if the titles are in alphabetical order, as you are lining them up by increasing sequences. Then, when you have a look at your DVD rack, you will instantly be able to see which number in the sequence of DVDs is missing.

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