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Say goodbye to sand with a cgear mat

Camping and caravanning are always fun, whether it's with your family or friends. It's great to get out in nature and let all of those city problems melt away. Unwinding outdoors is easy–until after only a few hours, you find that there is sand everywhere! This can be a thing of the past with a CGear Multimat.

The patented dual layer mesh technology makes them ideal for camping or caravanning. Sand falls straight through the mesh and then can't force its way back up. They have a comfortable woven layer on top and can be kept in place with camping stakes.

It takes military technology to conquer nature

CGear mats were originally designed for use in the military. They were initially deployable helimats that allowed helicopters to take off and land without kicking up clouds of dirt and debris. With the mats in place, helicopters could safely fly off without the danger of a dust cloud that made it impossible to see.

The company behind the mats still produces them for military use, but they have also branched out to use their technology for solving a wide array of modern problems. They now offer caravan mats, rugs for the beach, sand-free tote bags, drone mats and even beach chairs.

A cgear multimat can make your trip more comfortable

While camping is fun, we often miss the creature comforts of home–like being clean. On a camping trip, it seems like dirt and sand find ways of getting into everything. The CGear Multimat helps to solve this problem with its special technology. Because the dirt falls straight through the patented weave, there will be much less to get in your tent. Pair it with a nice awning for more comfort on your next trip.

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