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Do you adore the elegance of Chanel? Not only is the fashion house loved all over the world for its iconic luxury clothing, but also for its timeless and classic fragrances. Chanel fragrances for women are adored by fashion icons, actresses, and legends the world over. Spritz yourself with the luxury smell of Chanel fragrances for women and feel like a star yourself. Start shopping the collection on eBay today.

The history of Chanel fragrance for women

Chanel was the first fashion house to create perfume. In 1921, Chanel No5 was born, one of the most recognised names in perfumery. It was created by Ernest Beaux who presented Coco Chanel with a portfolio of samples, and she chose the fifth one, hence the name Chanel no 5. The perfumist continued to create Chanel fragrances up until 1952 when Henri Robert took over. The first Chanel fragrance for men, Chanel Pour Monsieur was introduced in 1995. Chanel continues to create unique and luxury fragrances today. 

Which Chanel fragrance is best for me?

With an extraordinary portfolio of fragrances, it can be difficult to choose the best fragrance for you. The original and most popular is the Chanel no.5, which Marilyn Monroe once famously said she only wore to bed a few drops of the floral noted perfume. For those who prefer something a little more intense with notes of Jasmine, you’ll love the fresh and oriental smell of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. With a huge collection of Chanel fragrances for women on eBay, you’ll find the perfect scent for you.