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CND Nail Polish

CND nail polish is used in salons all over the world to produce excellent quality manicures. It’s not necessary to go to a salon to get a CND Shellac manicure, but you should know the steps to get a professional finish if you do decide to do your own nails at home. One of the most important decisions before beginning your manicure is which CND Shellac top coat will be best suited to your needs.

CND Shellac Top Coat

CND have a huge range of products, but their top coats are specially designed for people with different lifestyles and preferences. They have three choices of top coat - the EXPRESS5, the Original, and Duraforce. EXPRESS5 has been formulated for clients who want a crystal shine and don’t want to wait too long to take off their nail polish, as removal only takes 5 minutes. The Original top coat provides an ultra shine finish and comes off in 8 minutes. The Duraforce top coat is specially formulated for people with weak or brittle nails to provide a hard mirror finish. It can stand up to an active lifestyle but will take 15 minutes to remove.

Applying Your CND Shellac

To make the most of your CND top coat, you need to carefully follow the correct procedure for the layers underneath. Apply a thin layer of CND base coat all the way over the nail, but not touching the skin. Cure under the CND UV or LED lamp, and repeat with another layer of base coat. Apply two thin layers of colour, curing after each layer. Then it’s time to use your Shellac top coat - add one thin layer and cure. After the top coat has set, rub the cloudy film off with 99% Isopropyl alcohol to see the shiny finish.

Getting the Right Foundation

Whichever top coat you choose, you should make sure you have the foundation layers right so that the top coat can last as long as possible. The nail shape needs to be decided before applying layers, and should be filed to the desired length. The nail needs to be clean and dry. A great trick is to apply the base coat layer right to the edge of the nail, almost touching the skin. The colour layer should then be placed on top, leaving a small amount of the base coat exposed. Then when the top coat is painted on to the edge of the base coat and cured, the colour layer is in a protective “sandwich” between the top and base coats, which lengthens the life of your manicure.

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