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Cadbury Chocolate and Sweets

Cadbury launched its business almost 200 years ago with its first shop in Birmingham, UK. Initially, John Cadbury sold cocoa and drinking chocolate that the Quakers considered to be healthy alternatives to alcohol, and years later, his sons expanded the variety to chocolate bars and Easter eggs. Now, Cadbury makes many different chocolate bars, blocks, and other snacks in all kinds of flavours.

Pack Types

You can stay true to heritage and enjoy a cup of Cadbury drinking chocolate. However, if you feel like having a snack, a single bar is a great option. To share with friends, buy a bag of Caramel Nibbles, Bitsa Wispa, Eclairs Velvets, Buttons, Twirl Bites, or another sweet. Cadbury chocolate and sweets also include a variety of blocks. Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks come with Daim, Oreo, caramel, chopped nut, jelly popping lollies, and crunchie bits flavours, among others.


Cadbury has developed several brands, all of which have slightly different flavours and textures. The Dairy Milk is the classic option, while you may also enjoy crispy Crunchies, chewy Chomp, bubbly Wispa, or Eastern-inspired Fry's Turkish Delight.

Chocolate Types

Cadbury chocolate and sweets production mainly focuses on making superior milk chocolate. This, too, can have some variations, such as soft caramel, crispy pieces of Oreo, and fruits and nuts. Typically, you can see the filling information on the package. Cadbury is playful and thus provides fun combinations you won't find with many other brands.

Dietary Products

Some Cadbury products contain fewer calories. For instance, the Highlights series of drinking chocolate tastes as delicious as any Cadbury hot cocoa but packs fewer calories. Cadbury has also thought about people with dietary restrictions. Cadbury gluten-free treats have special labels. These include mostly drinking chocolates. As Cadbury mostly makes milk chocolate products, you cannot unfortunately find dairy-free chocolates, but you can come across with nut-free, peanut-free, and vegetarian products in their range. These, too, mostly fall into the drinks category.

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